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The Set of the Walking Dead.
This wall keeps out Zombies and
Clint Winter and Steve Piazza. 
This week I want to highlight 2 tools and a half. I was fortunate enough to attend a Educational Technology conference last weekend in Peachtree City which is about 10 minutes away from Senoia, GA (aka  Woodbury the fictional town from one of my favorite shows the Walking Dead)  I learned a great deal from many different speakers. One of the things that I really enjoyed learning about was is a site that is dedicated to showcasing, for free, wonderful teacher and student created educational videos. Teachers and students can search for videos by subject area, careers, global perspectives, and services.  These videos could be used for review, inspiration, or to see different perspectives. Check it out
Unfiltered News Site
 Speaking of Global Perspectives I read about this site this week. This is a site that updates in real time what news is trending all over the world. For example, (I tried to capture it in the video below) "Brussells" is a term that is trending all over the world. This could spark a conversation about why this is trending. How would this affect both countries in Europe and Countries in the Western Hemisphere.  Once the bubbles appear you can  click on them to go to the news stories from that country. Pretty cool way to instantly get global perspectives.

Finally, I often get asked "Hey Winter, one of my students was working on a project and their battery died and the lost all of their tabs. How do I fix this?" Or, "I know this kid was on a site they were not supposed to be on and he exited out real quick" Well, I learned of a fix for this the other day. By pressing Ctrl + Shift + T  you can open up the last browser closed. 

If you have questions about any of these tips please let me know.

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