Tips for Digital Formative Assessment

On Monday I will be teaming up with our County ESOL Specialist David Forker to deliver Professional Learning on Digital Formative Assessment. David and I met this week and began planning for our PL sessions and had a great  discussion about best practices for integrating digital formative assessments into the classroom.  We also found a great youtube  from the early 90s on how to connect to the internet. So if you are in our PL on Monday be ready . . .   Here are  top 3 ways to use technology tools for formative assessment.

1. Google Forms - Google forms are a great way to collect any type of data. You can use Google Forms to create quizzes, create sign up/sign in sheets,  a way for students to submit homework or class work. You can insert videos, and pictures into your quizzes. Once students submit on a form you can see the date and time that they submitted, and even use add ons such as flubaroo to grade the quiz.

2. Padlet  - Padlet is a great way to have a quick pulse check of how your students are doing in class. A padlet is a digital bulliten board where students can click on the wall and quickly respond to a question or share their thoughts. I have seen many teachers in the buildings I serve use this as a quick ticket out the door. Padlet now has the ability for users to submit web links, pictures, or text on the wall.

3. Formative - Go formative is a site where teachers can see students results in REAL TIME as they are working through a quiz. What I really like about Formative is that students can draw in their answers. Formative has a feature where teachers can insert pictures or images and students can annotate on top and the teacher can see these answers.

If you have questions about using any of these in your classroom please email me: OR  tweet me @ClintWinter

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