Back to School with Google Classroom

Since the end of the school year last year  Google Classroom has been rolling out new features that many of you have asked about.  In fact,  Earlier in the week Google Announced  some MORE  new features for Google Classroom.  I think that you will find all of these very beneficial for your class this new school year. Some of the Highlights for me that I think that you will like

  •  Collaboration: Two teachers (or more) can now be in the same "class". If you are a collaborator or have a collaborator in your class you both can access and send out assignments, announcements or questions
  • Archive last years classes: If you don't want to see last years classes then archive them. You still have access to those assignments and questions but they will not show up in your classroom feed when you log in.
  • Use Previous years posts and assignments: Are you going to use last years assignments or posts? You can now create a post from a previous post from last year

  • Assign a question -  Now you can post questions that students can answer inside of classroom. For instance you can embed a YouTube video or Link and have students comment on the question. You also have the option for students to comment on each others post. . . or not

Google Also announced that there is more to come. Soon you will be able to embed a Google Form into classroom AND have a Google  calendar that is automatically created in your classroom. You can share this calendar with students parents, and teachers.   I have created a screen cast below walking you through these new features. If you have questions please e-mail me

Take Care and have a great weekend,


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