Global Collaboration

Happy Friday!

Now more than ever it is easier to connect your classroom to Speakers, other classes, Experts, and Designers.  One easy and free way to do this is through the popular tool Flipgrid.  Flipgrid is a way for all students to have a voice and a way to discuss their learning. Students can video record themselves discussing a topic or answering a question and they can easily find others on the same "Grid"  who may have an opinion or voice.  Students and Teachers from all over the world are using this and want to connect with Your classroom. One way to do this is through #Gridpals. Grid pals is part of of the Flipgrid Platform.  Teachers from across the world can collaborate and have their students share their story, opinion, knowledge with a global audience.  Below is a video of an example of a #Gridpals collaboration. 

I have curated a few more resources for you to better understand FlipGrid.  Below you will find the directions for #gridpals, a video, and some recent tweets from teachers discussing #Gridpals. If you have questions please let me know.  

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