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Happy Friday and happy almost long weekend!

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This past week I met with our representative for Google Read and Write and Equatio.  Equatio is a math extension that is pushed out to all students.  Teachers can access Equatio by either signing into chrome (it should come up automatically) OR by going here and adding the extension.   Equatio is  a great way for students and teachers to make math and science digital. Students can speak in their math, draw using chromebooks that are touch screen, or create math using word prediction.  A new feature that our representative showed me that just came out is that Equatio now works with Google Classroom!  Teachers can go to  and create "math spaces"  this is a way to send out digital work spaces and  manipulative  and math  problems to students.  With Google Classroom integration  teachers can easily send out templates to students and collect student responses.   Please see the video below about Equatio. Also, you can check out the video playlist for all the tutorials on Equatio. As always if you have questions please feel free to email or call.

Have a great weekend!


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