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Happy Friday,

On Wednesday I was able to listen and learn about the US Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology  #GoOpen movement. In short, this is a movement to provide free open source materials for students and teachers.  A couple of the resources that I thought would be very useful are the OER Commons (OER stands for Open Educational Resources) website and  Smithsonian Education. OER commons has K-12 Digital resources that can be searched by, Grade, Subject Area, and Standard.  Also, there is an option to push out Digital  resources using the Google Classroom button. Teachers will have to sign up for a free account. Students do not have to sign up.

Smithsonian Education has over 2,000 Digital Resources that can be shared with students. These could be primary sources, videos, articles, and more that are currated by the Smithsonian Institute.
     Also, with both of these sites, there are using ratings. You can browse the resources from highest to lowest ratings.
     Finally, one of my favorite sites this  week is the Google Artificial Intelligence Experiment site.  Here students can learn , create, and explore programming for Artificial Intelligence.  i created this Youtube playlist of the developers talking about the programs that they have developed. Here is an example of the  Thing Translator

If you have questions about any of these resources please let me know.

Take Care and have a great weekend,


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