Start Spreading the News: Using Google Spreadsheets in your classroom

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Have your students ever utilized Google Spreadsheets?  Spreadsheets are great to graph information, manipulate data, and preform math calculations and that is just scratching the surface.   Spreadsheets can be used collaboratively, and also be pushed out in Google Classroom.   Here are three of my favorite ways to use Spreadsheets:

1. Have Students Graph their Data.  It's much simpler than it use to be.  Students can select the data that they want to graph, and click the graph data and they can see a visual representation of their information. ((Click on the picture to make it full screen))  Students can use this to track assignments, behavior data, Split times for Physical Education, etc...

Another way to use spreadsheets is to preform  basic math calculations. To make a formula to preform calculations you start by typing the equal sign and then using words like Sum, Difference, Average, etc. For example, to add all the numbers in a column you could type =SUM(B:B)  that would add all of the values in Column B.  Below is an example of finding the average of a number set. (Click on the picture to make it full screen)

Additionally,  one of my favorite tools is Conditional Formatting. This will highlight the cell of the spreadsheet based on its value. For instance, maybe in Science class your students are taking data on several  different attempts of an experiment.  Your students could use conditional formatting to really break down the data. Maybe scores in a range 1-10 are automatically yellow, or 11 - 20, are blue. As soon as they type in the number  or value  then the cell turns a certain color. Below is a short example I did using conditional formatting. To do this you click on the Format tab at the top of your spreadsheet and choose conditional formating. (Click on the picture to make it full screen)

Finally, sorry  I couldn't help myself,  as soon as I put the title of this blog post as Start Spreading the News I couldn't get this out of my head.  You're Welcome!!  If you have questions about using spreadsheets  in  your classroom please e-mail m and we can meet.   Have a great Friday!

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