The Friday Tech Tip was delayed due to weather: Get the most out of your Google Calendar

Happy Friday! (Actually Sunday Night)

Are you and your students getting the most out of using their Google calendar?  Some of the features of Google Calendar that may be of interest to you and your students

  • Students can get an automatic daily e-mail of their calendar agenda
  • Students can set and get reminders (Ex: remind me at 12:15 to get my homework for Mr. Winter's class
  • Set reoccurring appointments (12:30 everyday I get a reminder to go to the office to take my medicine) 
  • Copy calendar entries from Google Classroom to the student's personal calander

If you are interested in these features or would like for me  to work with you 1:1 or with  your students let me know and I will be glad to help.  
Here is a good place to start  . Also, you can learn more in the Google Apps for Education Training Center  If you have questions let me know

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