Digital Opener or Closer Ideas

I am not going to lie

I'm a huge Star Wars Fan. Next weekend cannot get here soon enough to be reunited with my 1980s buddies Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.  My goal from ages 6-12 was to make the Kessle run in under 12 parcecs That's my level of Star Wars Geekiness.
     Your students may be excited as well (maybe not) but  has a great tool where students can insert text  to make  the Star Wars opening title complete with theme music!  Students can go back and edit the scripts at a later time. This might be a good activating or closing strategy in your classroom. If you have questions about how to use this let me know.Have a great weekend!

Take Care,

And if you ever wondered how you can make the Kessle Run in under 12 parcecs


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